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  • Although I have checked the ban host option and have added an IP address to the list a week ago or so, I notice that the very IP address keeps trying to access my WP site and gets locked out. Is that how the ban host option works? I was under the impression that the banned IP would not even be allowed to access the site. Please enlighten me.


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  • Hi!

    I have the same issue.
    I’m using nginx with php-fpm and I should manually create nginx rule and restart it to ban someone.
    Is it possible to automate it?

    Is anyone monitoring this forum?

    I am having the same issue. I once banned myself (just before the WordPress 3.6 update) and got a blank page with one line of error text (now resolved). Since the update banned users get a 403 error associated with hostgator – my host provider – but these IP addresses are still hitting my site multiple times a day. I have more than 5000 404 errors showing in the logs (I haven’t even launched the site yet). It appears to be the same 40 or so IP addresses showing up daily and the logs look really messy.

    How can the IP addresses that I have banned stop showing up in the 404 log page so I can clearly see what new IP addresses are hitting the site.

    Well, I have removed Better WP Security plug-in from my site. In its place I have been using now All in one WP Security.

    Same thing here… it doesn’t work. guess I need to look into something different.

    Make sure that under “System Tweaks” (bwps settings) the box next to “Write to WordPress core files” is checked. This option must be enabled so that the plugin can write the ban rules to .htaccess.

    Be careful when enableing the above option if you have a large list of ip’s in your ban list when you enable it… sometimes it overloads the server because it tries to write so much at once.

    I use this on all the websites I manage and can vouch that the ban function works.

    Also when the ban works correctly you will either see your servers default page or a completely white page that just says “Error” in the corner.

    It is possible to change this message although not currently supported or endorsed by the developer.

    see here on how to change the message ->

    Thanks all for your comments and suggestions. As I previously said, I’ve removed this plug-in. Guess I need to unsubscribe from the thread, too. 🙂


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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