• Установил плагин. Создал копию сайта. Начал качать. Google Chrome пометил файл “installer.php” как возможный вирус. Сразу же получил сообщение в Google Console, что мой сайт распространяет вирусы и теперь в поисковике люби будут видеть сообщение, что мой сайт распространяет нежелательное ПО.

    Installed the plugin. Created a copy of my site. Started to download. Google Chrome marked the file “installer.php” as a possible virus. Immediately I received a message in the Google Console that my site is spreading viruses and now everyone in the search engine will see a message that my site is distributing unwanted software. Thank you very much.

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  • Plugin Author Cory Lamle


    Hey @hlammm,

    That is very strange! We have quite a few active installs (over a million) and we haven’t ever had a report exactly like that. Let us know if you need any help, it seems as though you may have gotten some kind of false positive on your virus scan or your site may have been hacked.

    Be assured that if the plugin had any kind of virus that we would be alerted very quickly. For popular plugins like this one, the WordPress team hires security professionals to continually scan the software for known threats. This definitely seems like a strange coincidence. Hope you can reconsider your vote!


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