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  • Hi all!

    An eCommerce store I’m working on needs to be able to export csv documents with order data in order to print labels through the postal services’ printer. Using Store Exporter Deluxe plugin I have achieved this. However, the postal company’s system uses commas as the delimiter, so when someone adds a comma in their address their system marks it as a new field.

    Any suggestions how to eradicate commas from the form field so? I’m thinking there must be a way of flagging them as an invalid form entry, prompting the customer to re-enter without a comma.

    Any help greatly appreciated, as site launch is Monday. Postal company really should update their system, I know.

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  • Anyone? Please help!

    Please can anyone help? I have found no way of making commas a banned inclusion in the WooCommerce order forms, with customer prompt to omit when included.

    Any suggestions greatly appreciated.



    very awesome

    I’d be looking at removing commas in the exporter plugin. After all, they are still going to be useful to you for your store, but only cause a problem after the export process.

    Look through the code of that plugin and see if there’s any filters or actions that you can hook into. If it’s done well then there will be something that you’ll be able to use. if not, you should contact the plugins vendor to ask for help as it’s a commercial plugin and isn’t supported on these forums.

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