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  • I had been using the PageLines Framework since a long time and I was always really happy with it!
    So I was very exited when they announced the launch of the new design management system (DMS).
    Immediately after launched in summer 2013 I started to work with it.
    My initial start was getting familiar with the new system. I had to learn a lot of new functionalities and usability issues, because the design management system allows you to drag & drop every single template sections in a front end editor to the place where you need it! Wau! That’s so amazing, because you get a totally new approach and toolset in your hands to design multi-media applications!

    Further PageLines and their really great team makes it very easy for you to get familiar with the system. They provide a forum which is very active and super good managed and a great documentation which also improves every day, because we are able to contribute (all is open source and accessible via GitHub). Documentation is in english, but if you need the system in a different language, you are welcome to contribute to the translation/ localization, in order to make it accessible for people out of your country. For instance, I am German and I did the german localization which made me a lot of fun because there are already people out of 18 countries = languages involved! So we had and still have a great project together!

    Of course the system is not only shining! Because the system is quiet new, there are alway some bugs, usability issues… Obviously this is always the case, I never launched a project without it! But as long as there is a responsible team behind PageLines DMS I feel good about it.
    So I do!
    Because I know the team is doing a fantastic job!

    My learnings:
    • get your hands on and start, because it’s a system (like all others) which one can learn by using
    • read the documentation first, that makes life easier
    • ask a lot of questions in the forum, they will love you for it 😉
    • contribute, if you feel like – it’s open source and all provided on GitHub

    I love PageLines DMS!

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