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    Hi, on the page where I put the shortcodes for balance, deposit funds etc it has now stopped showing anything. What was previously a drop-down to select the currency which would then show the balance, deposit address, QR code etc now it shows nothing, the drop-down list is empty.

    I sent some BTC to the wallet address and it has appeared in my balance on page=wallets-menu-adapters – but the sum of user balances still shows as zero…
    Any ideas?

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    It appears you are reporting two distinct issues:

    1. About the frontend, is there any JavaScript error in your browser console?

    Today another user reported an incompatibility with Internet Explorer 11, so I will release a patch for that tomorrow. If you are using that browser, test again with another browser.

    If you are using another browser already, please post any JavaScript error messages here so I can have a look.

    2. When you visit the “transactions” page in the admin interface, is the BTC deposit confirmed? If it is not, it will not yet count towards your user balances.

    kind regards

    Hi, for some reason it’s clashing with
    <iframe src="" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" width="300px" height="280px">
    which is in the sidebar… When I remove that ad the balance, QR code etc all show in the page. Strange!

    For the other issue, which I thought was related because I noticed it at the same time, should I open a thread in the coinpayments adapter forum for that?

    I checked in the transactions page and it doesn’t show up at all, The only place I can see it is in the coin adapters list as a wallet balance. Checking each individual user, all of them, including me, have 0 BTC (I am still using LTC to test out things).

    I got the address from my account page, ‘deposit address’ and sent it to a friend who then sent the BTC to that address. I got the coinpayments notification and the transaction is on the blockchain now, with 32 confirmations

    I can copy all this to a new thread if you prefer.

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    Hello Andy,

    Yes this appears to be an issue with the CoinPayments adapter, so if you can open a thread on the forum for the CoinPayments adapter that will be great. I will close this thread as you resolved the JavaScript error. Any JavaScript errors will interfere with the frontend, so you must always make sure that no components cause errors.

    You should follow the troubleshooting guide on the coin adapter page regarding deposits. Essentially, I will need to see the details about the IPN notification with status = 100 in your IPN history.



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    Hello Andy,

    I saw notifications in my email about your post on the CoinPayments forum, but today the thread does not seem to exist. Did you delete it? Did you resolve the issue?

    Whenever there is a missing deposit from the CoinPayments adapter, the way to debug this is listed in the page for the coin adapter under “troubleshooting”. Essentially we need to see the IPN history logs. There should be an IPN message with status=100 for that transaction. This is the message that the CoinPayments platform sends to the plugin to notify about an incoming deposit. If you click on the date/time for this message in the IPN history list, it will show you details about this IPN message. If there were any errors, they will be there. You can also retry sending the message if it did not arrive correctly at your plugin.

    please keep me updated with what you find

    Hi, yes I did a post with all the details including screenshots, then edited it and it disappeared! I’m sure that’s happened to everyone at some point, it’s really hard to do it all again….

    I’ll do it now. Thanks.

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