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  • Be aware this is the base functionality and the developer does not support it unless you pay up.

    Edit: Star rating updated.

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  • Plugin Author Naomi C. Bush


    If the plugin works, why did you give it a 1-star rating?

    @joelgoodman, perhaps you should read this post on how to leave a “good” bad review:

    I’d echo Naomi’s question: why did you give it a 1-star rating, if it “works fine” (your words)?

    Thread Starter Joel G Goodman


    Honestly, it’s because WordPress wouldn’t let me change my original star-rating. My original review was amended because this plugin doesn’t work with older versions of GF, which was my first issue. I also take issue with the fact that Naomi is so disrespectful to the WP community here (looking through her responses to support requests) that is trying to use her plugin, and based on many colleagues I have who spent months waiting for an update that was promised only to be told at the last minute that she had “changed models” and was going to charge them for promised functionality… I have no issue with someone charging for a premium plugin, but I do take issue with promising one thing and then going back on it.

    So, it works fine *for the latest version of Gravity Forms* as I stated, but I can’t support a plugin author who so visibly spites the community that has supported them (both in words and broken promises), and doesn’t do due diligence to include backward compatibility. It feels like a bait-and-switch and I know many community members who feel the same way.

    So, proper review:
    Community beware. You are using a plugin with no competitors and by a developer who will not help or support you in any way without charging you a mandatory fee. There is no guarantee it will work with your version of Gravity Forms and has a history of not supporting older versions.


    Plugin Author Naomi C. Bush


    @joelgoodman, I’m sorry you feel this way — this is completely against the feedback I’ve received so far ( so I’d at least like the opportunity to understand your claims as this is the first I’ve heard of any of this.

    • have I ever received an email or had any type of interaction with you about your problem with older versions of GF? I’m sorry, I’ve checked and just can’t seem to find anything. If you can give me a date or subject or forward it to me, I’ll be happy to apologize for dropping the ball here and work to make it right
    • what in particular do you find disrespectful about my responses? I know text can be a very limited communication medium and things can be taken out of context or misunderstood. I’m definitely willing to work on my phrasing so that this doesn’t happen again.
    • what did I promise and then go back on?
    • did your colleagues contact me about this? I’d love to look into it this right away and clear it up with them
    • I mention upfront on the plugin page and on the support forum that I provide full, paid support and here’s one of the reviews from someone happy with my support ( — what should I do to make this more obvious so that you don’t feel I’m unwilling to help?

    This pushback against paid support is frustrating. How is a person supposed to make a living if they have to rush to the aid of every person on the forums that has a question. This community is built on what other people offer to give to the community not what the community can take from other people.

    You are complaining because a person gave a great plugin to the community, but they won’t help you build your site also. If you find a bug, report it, and it will get fixed. There is a history of that established:

    But if you want to know how to make certain features work: figure it out, go to the community, or pay. The developer shouldn’t be required to help you build your cart.

    The quality of this community has been greatly enhanced by excellent premium code and paid support (Like Gravity Forms itself which is required for this plugin…).

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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