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  • Last summer, for one of my non-profit sites, I set up a print page button using this plugin. Thought it was fine. No problem with the ads since we are short on money. After everything is set up, suddenly the button stops working and we are informed we now have to pay. Monthly. For a button. VERY SHADY. Avoid developers who do this!

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    We understand that you would like everything to work wonderfully for free always.

    However, we are no longer able to include ads in the plugin (not our choice). So what would you like us to do.. just leave it broken or allow a paid option?

    Please be reasonable.

    Quite a snide and unprofessional reply, but to answer the question for you, there are many ways developers can make such a transition.

    For example, grandfather in past loyal customers in some way. Perhaps when you’re transitioning to the new format give a warning and two months for current consumers to pay a one time fee.

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    Unprofessional? You call us “Shady” tell people to avoid. Now unprofessional?

    How about you try treating people decent? We are humans just like you. We created a service to try and make peoples lives a little better. We also have to make a living. We can’t do ads anymore so gotta charge. We’re not asking for much, $3 a month.

    We did announce/warn before making the change. We went through great effort to get the message out. We did not require email addresses to get the service (that’s annoying right?), so couldn’t email people.

    Additionally we kept the service running for free during that time.

    Be nice.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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