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  • When I first installed 6Scan Security, it collected my e-mail address, which I found mildly objectionable. However I overlooked this and accepted the Terms Of Use. I’ll note that I wasn’t able to actually access the 6Scan Security TOS, so perhaps I agreed to letting them have my firstborn.

    The software did its thing, then announced to me that I had vulnerabilities. I could have them fixed for a price. This is where I draw the line.

    I have no problem paying for services, if I decide I want them and I’m aware of the price. I object to “free” software that hooks you into trying it, only to let you know *afterwards* that you’ve got to pay. That’s called “Bait and Switch,” and is dishonest.

    I feel that if a product is worthwhile, Bait and Switch is unnecessary. If it *isn’t* worthwhile, Bait and Switch is immoral. I would think that there aren’t many people who like being fooled, and that Bait and Switch probably isn’t an effective marketing technique.

    I removed the software. They need to try a different approach. Unfortunately, I’m not likely to try this company’s products again, considering this unpleasant experience.

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