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  • My website is

    I’m using a slightly modified version of the Breaking News theme.

    I was experimenting with other themes, via the Admin Theme Preview (version 2.2.1) plugin. I noticed that the middle column on the (live) main page went from featuring 9 articles to featuring 2. Also, my Google ads will not show up when I insert the code. The space for them is there, but the ads themselves do not show up. I have never had these problems before and the site has been up for about six months. It obviously has something to do with my using the Admin Theme Preview, but I can’t figure it out. I have deleted all themes but the Default and the one I am using. I have tried disabling all plugins. I have tried resetting the Breaking News theme’s options (with plugins enabled and disabled). I even completely deleted the Admin Theme Preview plugin from my plugins folder.

    I am completely baffled and would GREATLY appreciate any help. Thank you very much in advance.

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  • Update: I guess I was just impatient with the ads. They are showing up now. However, the problem with the middle column (it only shows two stories, rather than nine) persists.

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