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    Excellent plugin. However, there seems to be a conflict with some SiteOrigin widgets, though not all. I noticed when trying to amend some text in a widget within the PageBuilder contained within the footer, that the new text was not saving. I was also unable to delete the seemingly corrupt widget.

    On further inspection the logs in IP Geo Block plugin showed ‘badsig’ for these actions. Examples of the POST text were as follows:

    $_POST data:
    $_POST data:

    I played around with various settings in IP GEo plugin to see which was blocking and eventually the only thing that worked was deleting the text in the ‘Bad signatures in query’ section, as I had seen as similar suggestion earlier in the forums. This seems to be a work around but by permanently leaving the text missing in this field, I’m worried that the site is exposed to attack in some way.

    I believe the similar scenario in the forums, flagged a java script issue and was wondering if the specific widgets that weren’t being saved or working correctly used javascript. For example the following don’t work/save when the text is present in the bad sig section:
    -SiteOrigin Button
    -SiteOrigin Editor
    -SiteOrigin Call-to-action
    -SiteOrigin Features
    – SiteOrigin Hero

    Yet the following DO continue to work:

    SiteOrigin headline
    SiteOrigin post Carousel
    SiteOrigin post Image
    SiteOrigin slider

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    thanks and regards

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  • Plugin Author tokkonopapa


    Hi David,

    Thank you for your information and investigation in detail. I would like to look into that in more detail, so please give me a little more time.

    Plugin Author tokkonopapa


    Hi David,

    I found a bug which cause this issue. I’ll release the fixed version in near future.

    Thanks for your reporting this issue!

    Thank you for taking the time to look at the problem. By leaving the field ‘Bad signatures in query’ empty as a temporary workaround to be able to use the certain Site origin widgets and keep Ip Geoblock in place what risk am I actually exposing my site too not having this field filled in?

    Plugin Author tokkonopapa


    Hi David,

    I recommend you to keep “../,/wp-config.php,/passwd” at least.

    And I confirmed this issue was fixed on the new release with Page Builder by SiteOrigin, SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle and Livemesh SiteOrigin Widgets. Please update.

    Thanks again, David!

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