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    So I’m using this to jury-rig a kind of LMS — I am creating some series of posts (using a series plugin) that represent a “course.” In order to complete the course, users must read each post, pass a quiz (that’ll come later in development), and contribute to the discussion by adding a comment. But to track their progress through the course, I will need to detect whether they’ve done each of these things. I don’t need it to be fully automated (in the sense that it will automatically generate achievements/badges) — I’m willing to set up badges manually for every post, etc.

    Which means, in sum, that I need to make “commenting on a *specific* post” a prerequisite/triggering event for a badge/achievement. Hints? Suggestions?

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  • ldsphilosopher


    On the BadgeOS website, there’s this gem: “Looking to relate badges and achievement opportunities to existing blog posts? There are plugins for that, too.”

    Fantastic! But where? I’m assuming such a plugin is written specifically for BadgeOS, but when I search “BadgeOS” in the plugins directory, only three show up. Hints?

    This is just a suggestion, and if you’re already using one of them, awesome.

    Have you considered using a plugin specifically designed for managing courses/lessons/quizzes? I’ve been told of both and

    We’ve discussed an add-on for tracking when a user views a particular piece of content, but it hasn’t been written yet. We’re looking into integrating with the existing LMSes out there, but nothing is available yet. This is what you’d be needing most, from the sounds of it.

    If you pick an established LMS, like the two listed above, and let us know which one you go with, you’ll be ahead of the curve and more ready once we have an add-on done. However, if you find a different one and let us know as well, we could add that to the plans and make BadgeOS even more ready for LMS systems.




    Neither Sensei or LearnDash do what I’m hoping to accomplish, on top of being quite expensive. Here’s what I’m trying to do:

    Basically, I have a series of articles (created, for example, using Organize Series).

    I want a user to receive a badge for (1) having read an article, (2) having completed a quiz for that article (perhaps, for example, a quiz created using WP-Pro-Quiz), and (3) having contributed to the ensuing discussion in the comments. I want a badge to be triggered for having completed each of these three events on a given article.

    Then I want a user to receive a badge for having done this with every article in the series, and to be able to view what they have completed and what they haven’t.

    Neither Sensei or LearnDash has everything I need to do this. For example, neither of them will require users to comment on an article before “completing” a module. Further, the user interface and design for both of them is clumsy and difficult to follow.

    If I could just customize the kinds of events that trigger badges in BadgeOS, I could do this using BadgeOS alone (it’s really a simple setup), but I don’t know how to do that.

    Plugin Author Brian Richards


    Hey ldsphilosopher, it’s possible to add custom triggers to do exactly what you’re describing, and there are docs to help wire these things together, but they are developer focused and PHP-heavy:

    Specifically, you want to add additional triggers for “Viewed a Page” and “Passed a Quiz”, and the hooks you’re using for those triggers will be different based on how you’re implementing everything and which plugin you choose to use for quizzes.

    I strongly suggest hiring a developer to write these for you (assuming you’re not a developer yourself, that is). It’s also not something we can provide free support for, I’m afraid, because your needs are so specific and custom.

    As Michael said earlier, the possibility exists for us to create additional add-ons to help suit some of the needs you’ve described, but they’re not on the immediate roadmap.

    Plugin Author Brian Richards


    Ah, I forgot to add this:

    If you think a particular feature you need is something that would benefit a number of other users, you’re encouraged to open an issue on our GitHub project page: (each feature as a separate issue is ideal)

    From what you’ve described already, most of what you’d post would be tagged with Feature Request.



    Brian, I’m not a developer, but this is still exactly what I needed. Thanks! I’ve been able to hack together other things in the past using trial and error, and with these resources, I’m confident I can do it again. (That may frighten you, but I’ve surprised myself before on what I’ve been able to figure out.)

    Thanks a ton!

    For anyone venturing here looking for similar functionality and who are using Sensai, we now have this addon available through Woothemes.

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