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  • I’m having a problem with BA-stats. Recently, I noticed I got a mysql error in BA-stats via WP-admin that had to do with pages. Didn’t bother me really, since the error didn’t show up on the main page. But I felt like re-installing it all over to see If It might go away. I re-downloaded, Deleted the BAstats tables, and files from my FTP and re-did that all. Now, BAstats doesnt want to create the tables to my DB. Any suggestions? IT says in the admin CP when I use BAstats:

    xxxx table doesn’t exist.
    xxxx table doesnt exist.
    xxxx table doesnt exist.


    Any solution?

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  • Bump.

    Maybe use the table creating code in the BA stats source and run it as an SQL query?
    I don’t know if this would work ( it might nuke your entire database).
    When I had to replace the BA stats tables, I copied them across from a backup I had.

    I had a similar problem. I was using it with two different sites. I got a minor error through one install, deleted the tables and everything just like you did. Tried (repeatedly) to reinstall. Eventually, I gave up and started using ShortStat for both my sites. I’d be glad to find a solution, also–especially since * I think* I read that BAstats isn’t going to be updated anymore.

    Open BAStats.php from the plugin directory for editing.

    Look for a line near the top that says:
    var $table_version = 6;

    The number 6 may be a different number. Whatever it is, increase it by 1.

    Save the file and reactivate the plugin to recreate the tables.

    Apart from that, BAStats development is on a break. Why?

    One reason- Because Asymptomatic gets 3000+ sessions (not hits, sessions) per day, and BAStats makes the MySQL process on the server eat processor time. I worry that as your traffic builds up, BAStats will start to have this effect on your system, too. Please report this if you’re using the beta and it happens to you.

    Another reason- I’m embroiled in other development (plugins, work, secret WP projects) at the moment, and figuring this one out isn’t currently a priority for me.

    Another reason- I wrote all of the reports myself, and some are slightly broken in ways that are difficult to fix. I get a lot of suggestions for what to add to the plugin, but never any suggestions on how to fix what’s currently wrong with the plugin. Introducing new features when the existing features aren’t perfect seems irresponsible. But maybe if people forwarded some fixes for the reports…

    Keep in mind that BAStats has never left beta, although it’s been there for a while and has had several updates. Everyone who uses it seems to like it, and I might be the only person who has problems (I’m on a Windows server, see, which may soon change), so I’m sure to get back to it eventually, just not this afternoon. I hope you understand.

    Note that the current version of BAStats outputs a SQL statement to the bottom of the stats page on purpose. Please stop reporting that the plugin is generating errors – this is not an error.

    And finally, my email is encoded at the very bottom of my blog. No need to bump posts here (which someone else will usually be answering, since I rarely stop by here these days) – when you don’t get a response to your question, just email me.

    Well, my error was actually nothing but errors down the page that couldn’t be corrected. One install worked great though, and I think you did a terrific job with the plugin 😉 I’ll try the table change and see if I can get it up on my other site. I thought I had read that it wasn’t going from beta, but I really like the idea that you’re working on secret WP projects….very Bond-like 🙂

    Look for a line near the top that says:
    var $table_version = 6;

    The number 6 may be a different number. Whatever it is, increase it by 1.

    ringmaster, you’re awesome! I had to do that, to get mine working again lol. Thanks again! 😉 🙂

    And searching DOES help! I found this thread via a google search, and searching does help people! Well, it actually lead me to another, with a link to this one, but, all and all.. search helps! Hahaha..


    Well, after I had done the fix mentioned above, I then got the old…

    Warning: in_array(): Wrong datatype for second argument in /www/*****/public_html/wp-content/plugins/BAStats_logger.php on line 114

    Error Message.

    And did another search, to find this thread, in which I had this error before.

    As posted in that thread, I applied the fix below, and it’s working again!


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