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    It seems that you reinvented the wheel in your plugin’s code using a preg_replace_callback instead of native WordPress shortcode API


    It means that we (developers) can’t have access to the shortcode params using filters and in my case, I can’t set the “hidelinks” params to true by default without another preg_replace_callback.

    Could you have a chance to dive into the shortcode API or maybe just to add a filter so we can update the attributes array using filters?


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    Hi again,

    I’ve made the changes I was talking about a few hours ago. You can give it a go and if everything is ok for you I reckon that you release a new version with this code. I’ve already updated the version number, changelog etc.

    Basically what I’ve done :
    – Updated the code to use the native shortcode API
    – Fixed the structure to fit with WP Coding standards
    – Used a class and the plugins_loaded hook to make sure that everything is loaded before calling the plugin
    – It doesn’t change the behavior of the plugin and there’s no need for existing users to change the way they call the previous “old way” shortcode.

    Here is the repo where you can find the code. Let me know if you have some questions.


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    Hello there!

    Did you get a chance to look at my code?


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