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  • I change my review because,the support is very quick through email but here sometimes sure its difficult attend to all.

    The plugin in my case no works but sure its for my theme.



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  • I am sorry you feel this way. I am not the author of the plugin, however, I do try to help the WP Community whenever possible. Can you link the issue you had so we can help you?

    Your comment does not help, and I think we would all prefer you “up” the existing issue than opening a new issue simply to attack everyone. Perhaps we have missed your question for various reasons; I myself was just on vacation so I haven’t gotten around to everything just yet. Others may have different reasons. Either way, please link to the original support query so we can try to help you.

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    Davewoddhall, thanks for your words and take your time to write. I’m sorry if my comment no helps to everyone, my intention was only inform to others and the builder of the plugin for be better in the support way. I understand some people are out of service or in vacation but I see another builders work so hard and the support was excellent, I think others people need to know about the support service because it’s important when you are developer.
    The problem I had is when the site load some tabs no have the correct format and when I force to reload, the tabs see right.
    I try to make some screenshoot and put here you can see better. The site it´s no on the web is an intranet.
    Thanks again and sorry if my comment are not int he right way.

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    This is the first time you load the page
    And this is when I force to load all again
    I have this problem only with the payment plugin no with the free plugin.
    The free plugin every time I load the tabs reload and see the no format for a moment and later load the tab I see the refresh and its no fine for me, for this reason I purchase the plugin.
    I hope this help to others.


    Is there a link I can check out to get a better idea of what’s going on?

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    No im sorry davewoodhall you can see only into an intranet. Now is run with the free plugin. The problem is not show fine the firs time but when you force to reload in the place of the tabs load fine. But i suspect its something with query i tried to disconnect all the plugging and tried too many things but the problem continuous. I have some loading errors at the first time how :
    jquery.min.js:2 Uncaught TypeError: $(…).not(…).filter(…).mediaelementplayer is not a function … at HTMLDocument.initialize (<anonymous>:70:6)

    and when i reload in the place of the tabs there are no errors.

    davewoodhall, don’t worry if you can’t help 🙂

    Hi @eoloeolo,

    I’m having the same problem that you.
    Bought the pro version and never get an support.
    Unlucky and waste of money.

    I’ll rate this plugin with on start too.

    Plugin Author Manish Kumar Agarwal


    Hello Eduardo,

    Please send me email to with problem details and site link.


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