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  • To ignore those who are potential paying customers and who wordpress allowed their crappy plugin on, the least they could do is reply. I’m one who asked a question 2 Weeks Ago.

    Chad, if you were capable of creating a good plugin (or at least smart enough to have some youtube vids and pages with answers) there wouldn’t be need of questioning problems, except for the few who don’t apply themselves.

    However, in my life usually it works out for the best and a Better Door Opens.

    Karma to you

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  • Plugin Author Chad Butler


    I’m sorry that you felt ignored, but there is no need to be insulting. I simply did not see your question. Why did you not contact me directly through the support site? Had you done that, I would have seen your question right away and been able to respond to you.

    I did. And Lots of people are being ignored by you.

    Either make a Fully Working Plugin or don’t put it up on wp. We spend 100s of hours fixing plugins that don’t work.

    Around and around we go. YOU are the one who is Rude.

    See yourself Truly as you are, Stop blaming everyone else, and change.

    Humility vs Arrogance

    Plugin Author Chad Butler


    I did not blame anyone in my response; I simply stated a fact. You were not ignored. I responded to your question. And that actually was before I saw your “review”.

    The plugin works. It would not have 60,000 active installs if it did not. In fact, I’m not even sure why you would suggest otherwise since the question you claim I ignored wasn’t even a support question but rather a feature question.

    Again, if you had simply contacted me through the support site, I would have seen your question sooner and would have been able to respond sooner.

    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


    🏳️‍🌈 Plugin Review Team Rep

    newbie357 – Making drinking allegations like that is defamatory and not welcome on the forums. I’ve edited the title of the post, but you’re now on moderation watch.

    Respect people. I don’t care if they give you the worst support of your life, that’s no excuse to make claims like that.

    60,000 installs and most left and 1,000s of Problems on support.

    If it works “perfectly” then are all these people wrong with their questions?

    With the email we just rec’d, Guess you can be rude to all these people and that’s just Ok, but we better watch what we post about not liking something.

    In our lives we only have nice people around. Didn’t realize this was all occurring, now we understand what our clients were talking about all these years and their websites and changing from to bringing it in-house.

    Plugin Author Chad Butler


    @newbie, no one is being rude to you. I’ve done nothing other than respond to your comments. You are certainly entitled to your opinion, but not your own facts. So for future readers of this thread, I need to point out some details.

    60,000 installs and most left

    Actually, no. When says 60,000+, that means “active” installs. Someone who removes the plugin is no longer counted.

    That number of installs currently puts the plugin at #292 (out of 41,425) on the popularity list – essentially in the top 1% of plugins by number of active installs.

    I’m not saying this out of arrogance. In fact, I’m humbled by the popularity of the plugin. I’m simply stating a fact in order to point out that your claim of putting up something in the repository that doesn’t work just does not match up with the facts. If the plugin didn’t work I think those numbers would be quite different.

    and 1,000s of Problems on support.

    Again, facts don’t lie. A page of threads on the support page shows 30 threads per page. There are 51 pages of support threads spanning a time period of 5 years. That’s less than 1530 total. That’s not “thousands” of problems.

    And many of those are not problems. A large percentage of questions are of the “How do I…?” variety (yours included). A good deal of those are answered in the User Guide or other free documentation on the support site. Some, if they involve customization or premium extensions are referred to those parts of the site.

    Guess you can be rude to all these people and that’s just Ok, but we better watch what we post about not liking something.

    Again, not being rude — Just addressing your statements. Others can read this thread and make up their own mind. I’m not the one who put a defamatory statement in the (original) review title; that was you.

    The very first thing I said to you was I’m sorry you felt ignored. It wasn’t intended. Beyond that, your question was answered. There is nothing else that I can say about it.

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