• The support from this company is bad. They waste time sending generic emails that do not solve the issue. The condensing manner in the way they respond is alarming. Product is good but when you need help, you can’t count on this company for helpful assistance.

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  • Exo


    Yep, and as a paying customer for the Pro version it doesn’t get any better.
    They’ve ignored some serious bugs and problems from me, one of which incorrectly reports your site has Malware. They don’t seem to care.

    A real shame as the product is awesome, I use it on nearly 200 sites.
    Hopefully one day someone will buy this product so we get decent support too.

    Here’s another One-Star review!

    You can’t password protect a single page/post, and expect to access it (during the Away-Mode hours), if you are using the “Away Mode”.

    After experiencing this issue, then researching the Community Support Forum, I came across…


    The topic was closed 7 months ago with no solution.

    So now I send an email to iThemes Support figuring they would want to know of this issue, man was I wrong. All I got back was an email basically saying “What do you want for free?”.

    So if I buy a subscription, do you think they’ll fix the issue? (I think not)

    Why would I even consider a subscription with this as my first experience?

    Just a suggestion, maybe respond to the next person like this:

    Thank you for reporting the issue you experienced, we strive to make our product one that everyone wants to subscribe to. Your information will be forwarded to our “Away-Mode” group for further evaluation. There are always higher priority issues on the table so we might not get to it right away, but be assured we’ll take a look at it, we want to be your security everything!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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