• I’ve been using AMP for WP for over 4 years and it’s a good plugin, I also have some premium services like Adavanced AMP Ads.

    The problem with the plugin is that it is not supported.

    I recently activated the “like on facebook” option, but the button appears cut off, I sent prints and explained it to support, who responded by going round and round, saying that there was no problem (even having seen the print), and asking me to activate the button even with problem.

    After almost 20 emails and no solution presented, the support guy keeps asking me the same things I already sent, like, “send me a URL”, (again), or, “activate the button” with no solution, and Finally, he says he has no problem.

    Prefer a plugin that has better support, you’ll need it eventually.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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