• Not working on my site, no responses to refund request.

    Bad practice.

    You can keep an unhappy buyer’s money once. However, it’s likely costing more in lost reputation and trust than treating buyers fairly would.

    Here’s the thing. Reputable companies offer trials and generous money-back guarantees. Even IF their solution works.

    This one doesn’t work. I should get my money back without trouble. Instead, I have asked PayPal to step in.

    This thing crashes my server and puts 8 websites offline and I have no interest whatsoever to “troubleshoot” this and have my sites offline longer than they already were while I tried to “troubleshoot” this. I don’t buy an overpriced simple interface to have this sort of trouble.

    Free plugins like WooMoodle (or any other plugin I ever used) do not crash your server.

    Also, I just saw the review of someone else who had the same problem and the smarta* response of the vendor. I am not surprised.

    They do license checks and can easily see that I am not using the plugin.

    It’s pure bad business practice.

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  • Plugin Author WisdmLabs


    Hi @merryeastermas

    You can write to us here (edwiser@wisdmlabs.com) and we shall check why the plugin or extensions are not working on your end.

    If it does not work then we will be providing you with a refund within 7-10 working days.

    We need to check the issue and your license to assist you with the issue or refund. Please write to us to the above mentioned email ID.

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