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  1. geekgrrl_ca
    Posted 9 years ago #

    I did the 5 minute install and everything worked up to running the install.php script
    when I run it I get bad response from server using both safari and firefox.

    I am using php 4.3.10 and mysql 4.1.9
    I've set oldpassword as required for msql 4.1 and higher

    All help will be apreciated.

  2. geekgrrl_ca
    Posted 9 years ago #

    ghetto edit, I also have phpbb and twig (webmail using mysql and php) working.

  3. geekgrrl_ca
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Well I managed to fix that issue, my httpd-error log indicated I had to edit php.ini to increase the memory.

    However I am now getting Bad response from server when ever I try to submit something (ie a request for a lost password or a comment). I don't know what my admin password is and it won't let me do install again unless I clear the database.

    I think I should have enough memory allocated, I put it up to 256 Megs and I've restarted apache in various ways.

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