• Hi

    If you are thinking of using this plugin, forget it. I installed and bought the front end addon. It never worked properly. And even if ithe back end worked properly you need to buy 5 of 6 addon at US$19 each one, making it quite expensive.

    The front end addon did’nt work at all with WPML and they said the won’t even bother trying to see why it does’nt.

    Last night I tried to put a new ticket in their support forum and their site was hacked, taking me into quite unsafe sites.

    So if you plan to buy something from them, think it twice.

    I went for a stand alone program for managing my projects wich cost me US$45 not the 100 or 120 that would need to expend to reach almost the same functionalities.

    By the way asked for a refund an haveĀ“nt received a answer yet.


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  • Hello.

    Same here… I bought it, there are some bugs and they don’t want to refund. Incredible. I wrote a comment as you did.


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