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  • I have a WP Multisite. After installing this plugin my site stopped working (Error 500, etc). I have searched the whole web for solutions, but no success.

    If this plugin works for someone, good for him.
    From what I saw (in the backend), it placed so many things (files and code) everywhere in the site, it is really difficult to handle.
    My .htaccess is corrupted, etc.

    Really bad!

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  • Plugin Support Marko Vasiljevic


    Hello @ninobien

    I am very sorry for the issues that you are having.
    Have you tried contacting the support or have you posted your issue in the forum? As you may be aware of, W3 Total Cache has a lot of features and because of its complexity sometimes some W3 Total Cache settings require fine tuning. If you can provide what settings you have enabled we can help you with your issue. W3 Total Cache does make some changes to .htaccess but that is required.
    Please give us some feedback so we can assist you on this
    Best Regards,

    Marko, thank you for reply

    It is when you are working hard on a website for weeks, and you do research for every plugin you might or not might use … Then you see one who looks really great (they claim even in a video how good it is,…) and you read it all, study it, install it and the moment you activate it, your site is gone (I mean, destroyed).

    Then you try to uninstall it, but you can’t even log in (!!!).
    Then you search for another way, read all kind of options, search the web… etc.
    Then you are starting manually disable the plugin. OK, you do that, then you realize, the plugin changed so many things in so many places in your website, changing code, adding folders, adding files – all in so many different places, etc. A mess!

    And you ask yourself .. if I would decide to uninstall this plugin:
    How would the the plugin do this? It was leaving code everywhere. Corrupting files, etc. GRRRRRR! Who will help me clean the mess? Their support? Is that you?
    Maybe they will do it for $$$$…

    I am not a developer or website programmer. I do not know the special things and I do not need to know it.

    I am not sure if they (you?) are even capable to solve the mess…

    Plugin Support Marko Vasiljevic


    Hello @ninobien,
    Once again I am very sorry about the issue you are having. We have a developers team who is very capable of solving any mess. I am very sorry that you haven’t tried to contact the support earlier because we would be able to help you out and figure out what the problem was. Unfortunately, now we are at this point where the only thing that I can offer you is Professional support from our team. And yes, of course, this kind of support is chargeable. You can contact us on our website or you WP Dashboard ( not sure if you removed W3 Total Cache completely. Or you can just click here.

    Best Regards,


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