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    Bad plugin for serious projects with many terms.
    Pagination and dictionary search does not work. Constant memory problems that other plugins do not give. Errors 500. Perhaps a plugin with too many functionalities and that is why it works so badly. Poor customer support in the pro version. I’ve been wasting my time for a month, I just hope they make me a refund.

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    We have thousands of happy users using our plugin sometimes with big projects with many terms ( even a few thousand). It does require some changes in settings to help in reducing the amount of memory required – and that’s what errors 500 were informed about was the server running out of memory, of which you’ve been informed. And while this is a common problem it’s thoroughly and well documented.

    Also, it’s hard to understand why you consider our support to be poor despite getting precise, timely answers to your queries every time.

    I’m happy though that you’ve noticed that our plugin is full of features added over the years based on our customers’ feedback. But again – it’s hard to understand how it’s a bad thing.

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    Please, gentlemen, if possible, stop doing commercials to sell your product and improve it. I don’t want encyclopedia salesmen knocking on the door. Thank you.

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