• This plugin will display rich snipe every single place on your website. Even when you show a youtube video on your website, it will put a summary on that video, make the video layout broken.
    Your website will run slow like a turtle with this plugin.
    They force you to buy a pro version.
    Never buy anything from this develoveper.

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    Hello @minhawp,

    This sounds strange!

    Could you please open up a ticket at our support center, so that we can take a closer look to see what is happening and help you asap?

    Furthermore, we never force users to purchase a Pro version.

    The All In One Schema Rich Snippets was built way back in 2012 an we still see users trusting it.

    We do have a Pro version called Schema Pro that is developed recently with lots of automation and easy settings. It is built with JSON-LD and follows Google’s latest guidelines. However, we respect people’s choices and support both the plugins equally without forcing anyone to switch from one to another.

    I would request you to please get in touch so that we can understand the issues you are facing and help you sooner.

    Hello @brainstormteam

    Is only your Schema Pro version that’s built with JSON-LD and follows Google’s latest guidelines?

    So this plugin doesn’t follow Google’s latest guidelines?

    Plugin Support Team Brainstorm Force


    Hello @direct2jon

    Here is a page where you’ll see the difference between the All In One Schema.org Rich Snippet and Schema Pro.

    This plugin uses Microdata and RDFa code that was the only thing that Google considered earlier wrt Schema Markups. It was built in 2012.

    Since we have several users still using and loving this plugin, we couldn’t revamp the entire code and therefore built Schema Pro for those who’d like to move to newer technology.

    As for Google supporting structured data, it still supports all three as you can see here. Only that JSON-LD is the latest one! 🙂

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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