• I notice that jetpack is associated with the company automattic, the same people that wants to hack my website. Automattic has try several times to get inside my admin and i find it very ironic that jetpack has connections with the company automattic. Please stay away from this plugin, is a magnet for hackers and bots that comes from the company automattic.

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    Hi @lanie39023

    Can you tell us some more about this? What do you mean when you say Automattic is trying to hack your website?

    Automattic is the parent company of WordPress.com, Jetpack, WooCommerce and several other brands. It’s not a hacking company.

    We’d be happy to clear up any misconceptions here.

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    I have two login attempts trying to get into my website. When i search there ip address it belongs to the company Automattic! So basically… i had a plugin that only see my data and share it with automattic? You guys should be banned from wordpress for selling this plugin that is associated with automattic. Never in my life i want to hear from jetpack is the worst plugin.

    Plugin Contributor Dan (a11n)


    Hi @lanie39023

    Automattic would never try to log into your site without your consent. We’d be happy to look into this for you to find out what happened here.

    If you’d like further help, could you contact us via this contact form and mention this thread?

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    I’m not interested to install Jetpack or Askimet, both plugins belongs to the company Automattic that has months trying to hack my site.

    Why i’m going to have a plugin that only steals my data?

    Plugin Support MadHatter (a11n)


    Hello, there.

    As we’ve said, Automattic is not a hacking company.

    We believe there must be some sort of miscommunication here, so we’d love to talk to you one on one to figure things out without you having to explain things publicly here to keep you safe and secure.

    Please use the link that Dan provided and we can continue this there. Thanks!

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