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    dear admins after updating to wordpress Version 5.0.1 i have the new block but it seems so bad using it for my news website i need my tinymce back and not the classic editor. i have installed the classic editor plugins but i dont have the options to use tinymce… thanks

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    With the Classic Editor plugin installed, make sure that the “Disable visual editor” option is _not_ checked at Users > Your Profile in your site’s Dashboard.

    Yes, there is a learning curve for the new block editor but it is really powerful and convenient if you are patient enough to learn it.

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    +100 to that, it took me a day or two to get the feel for it, but I think it’s a huge improvement.

    I also recommend watching https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aWlfp-1Q19I for some details on why it was done and what it can do. Skip to 9:52 if you just want the sizzle reel. 😉

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    thank you this worked for me as for the new block i have a news website with more than 130k posts i have huge data every day with many images within the posts so the new blocks editor cant make the job for me…thanks

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    Aliomais, while I agree with TimB’s assessment of Gutenberg, I am sure you are not the only person with this issue. I am curious to see how WP handles issues like yours in the future. Best of luck to you now though.

    After upgrading to wordpress 5 I downgraded again to wordpress 4.9.8 and intending to stick with it and not upgrading again until the developers give us back our loved wordpress.

    A silly new editor with functions that never work, even saving a post is problematic and not working.. no option to customize the post premalink.. autosave is hanging……etc.

    I’m expecting new useful features NOT a new learning curve with functions that never work.

    A really bad release, not going to upgrade.

    I’ve also reverted to a pre-5.0 version, of course that was after spending two full days of trying to get the editor to work (have the issue of the blank content for every page or post when viewing in the editor). I’ve tried EVERY suggestion out there – and there are a TON due to this release causing this same issue on lots of websites. 🙁

    I found this on the older version WordPress dashboard, hope it helps!

    Not quite ready?
    The new editor will be enabled by default in the next major release of WordPress. If you’re not sure how compatible your current themes and plugins are, we’ve got you covered. Install the Classic Editor plugin to keep using the current editor until you’re ready to make the switch.

    I hate this new editor, image inserted difficult. Select Long Text difficult.

    OMG, it is so, so, so horrible. It is pretty much catastrophically bad. Fortunately you can easily find thousands of hits with the search “wordpress block editor is horrible,” and the vast, vast swell of people who are just flabbergasted by this abomination created a pretty straight forward path to finding a solution. Now just to make the classic editor default and this misery something people need to search to inflict upon themselves. The classic-editors 1M+ downloads speaks volumes about the popularity of the block editor.

    If you are starting a new website it might be nice. If you already had several websites that you were maintaining, it is a complete nightmare! Things stopped working, Authors couldn’t post anymore, page editors stopped working right, the list goes on. It was the worst upgrade for WordPress that I have seen. Users found the old editor to be easier to use. I wish WordPress would drop the Gutenberg Editor. There is a reason that the plugins out there like “Classic Editor” and “Disable Gutenberg” are racking up the downloads, with almost 5 star reviews across the board. I have even contemplated in moving away from WordPress now. It has taken a lot of time to troubleshoot all the problems that this upgrade has caused. Hopefully these plugins work forever, because if not I will be forced to switch away from WordPress. Sites don’t run properly with the Gutenberg.

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    3+ million installations of the classic editor plugin. If that doesn’t tell WP that the new block editor is the most awful thing they ever made then i don’t know what will!



    Just adding my voice:

    I can’t tell you how much i HATE the new editor. Just hate it. Hate it, hate it hate it.

    Been working with it for hours and still have not figured out how to add a picture. How to set a featured picture — I used Nextgen for my pictures, because I do NOT like how WP handles pictures, and I can’t figure out how to call the Nextgen plugin from inside the editor.

    Man – drives me up the freaking wall!

    Has anyone else experienced writing a post only to have the right hand side of the Block Editor edit panel disappear? Split down the middle, although the right sidebar still functions. Almost like there’s a second missing column? I can’t find anywhere else to ask a question. And when I am able to publish a post, the layout bears little resemblance to my original draft. I know nothing about coding so perhaps I’m in the wrong area. Please excuse me. But I do know what I’m currently experiencing is turning me off my website. Someone please help!
    Adrian Chambers

    Yes, the whole idea of the new Editor simply mystifies me. It just brings us back to the age old saying: ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. Now don’t get me wrong – there is a definite place for change, when it comes to new needs for security, and extensibility. But when a platform is so idolized and popular, you DON’T go in and change the heart of WordPress: the editor, for the sake of ‘staying in vogue’. Just look at Twitter as an example. Remember how wonderful the Twitter interface was 5 years ago? It was perfectly popular and adored and not broken – so you know what they had to do? They decided to fix it! Please WordPress, don’t go on a ‘fix-it’ rampage. To the Newbie, WordPress is Eazy! THANKYOU for the Classic Editor plugin, but it shouldn’t be the plugin! The NEW editor should be the plugin, while the classic editor (the sensible one) should remain as the stock standard.

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