• Hi,

    Today I tried the plugin for a simple migration of WP from a folder to the root of the domain. Followed the step by step instructions and when finished my customized theme looked like an amateur. I deleted the plugin and tried another that had over a million installs and worked like a charm the 1st time no hiccups at all. My site moved over and the theme looks stunning as before.


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  • Plugin Author Cory Lamle


    Hey @gibsongk55,

    Sorry, you had a bad experience! That is definitely pretty rare for this plugin but it is possible as there can sometimes be small minor tweaks/cache issues that can cause initial issues. Most can typically be fixed pretty quickly if you reach out on the forums for help.

    I’m sure if you look at the one stars of the other plugin you used those other users probably ran into similar issues you did with this one. Migrating sites has allot of moving pieces as there are millions of different settings to cover with so many different sites.

    Anyways if you run into an issue again with any migration plugin feel free to reach out to the authors first as in most cases they can help you get going and improve the software for the whole community to use.

    Hope you can reconsider your vote!

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