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  • My DB has been hit by the bug going around that corrupts the RSS feed that appears only in Google Reader. I’ve found the bad code, deleted it, but it’s come back. I’m thinking my best option at this point is to just backup my posts, delete all files and database and start over.

    I’m going to backup my DB just to be on the safe side, but should I be ok using the Export function, a clean install of WP, and then use the Import function? Assuming I keep the file structure of all the images in place, anyone see any issues with this? I’m trying to avoid a direct export/import from the database itself because I don’t know where else the code is.

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  • whooami



    bug? bad install?

    you were hacked. thats not a bug, and thats not a bad install.

    assuming you dont have malicious code inside your database, and you change your passwords, and make sure your local machines dont have malware on them — sure that will probably work.

    if youre doing the export from within phpmyadmin, you will want to insure that when you go to import that the wordpress version is the same.

    you can NOT, for example, import a mysql dump from a 2.3 blog into a 2.8.1 database.



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    I agree, do backup your database, download copy (but do not delete) of wp-contents folder for good measure and export XML from your WP.
    – Open up your exported XML file in plain text editor and do a cursory check. I caught hacks in my friend’s XML file at the very top and a javascript code at the very bottom.
    – Import clean XML in new install and don’t forget to click on include attachments so that links to images will be correctly pointing to your images already in your server.
    edit- oops whooami, didn’t see you there 🙂

    I just wanted confirmation that the XML file is trustworthy, which it seems that it is. Thanks for mentioning to look through the XML file, didn’t even think about that.

    And yes, hacked is what happened – not a bug/bad install that I mentioned.

    This Google Reader hack has been a pain in the ….

    Thanks for the replies!!

    “This Google Reader hack has been a pain in the ….”

    This frustrates me to no end. Taken in the correct context, I, meaning ME am interpreting this phrase to indicate the following:

    Example: “Using the Google Reader Hack, I was able to expose some hidden links on my blog”. This is in the same context that I myself would use the phrase.. “There are some really cool hacks out there for using the Google Search Engine that lets you do deep-web searches that the average user doesn’t even know about.”

    The meaning behind this being, that given a particular piece of software, the term “hack” is used to define a tip, or a trick, for revealing more, realizing an unintended benefit from, or getting more return on your effort than was originally intended during the normal use of a given application.

    I am seeing this thought -“Google Reader Hack”- repeated here and elsewhere as if there is a “hack” (in this case I am using the term to indicate an avenue of exploit), directed at WordPress users via the Google Reader. I say, the idea that WordPress is being “hacked” via Google Reader, is horse flop.

    ..another thread of interest

    Would someone, SOMEONE please prove to me, show me, that WordPress is being hacked via Google Reader, so I can just take my lumps and shut the hell up? Please? Someone show me I am wrong in my interpretation.

    (kicks soapbox into crowd, patiently awaits pitchforks and torches).

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