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  • Hello all
    I’m your newbiest newbie – please be gentle.
    I have created a folder on my webspace called ‘wordpress’ and unzipped the files there. I’ve enabled MySQL as per PlusNet’s instructions (over the phone, a search for WordPress on the PN site gives 0 results). And then … the phpMyAdmin page pops up and the similarity to anything in the installation instructions vanishes. Has anyone else tried with PlusNet only to go elsewhere? Is this particular nag deceased, despite my whipping?
    I’m DYING to get into WP, so all help gratefully received.

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  • Moderator cubecolour


    I’m afraid I don’t use plusnet & all hosting companies are a bit different, so I might not be much help.

    You need to set up a new empty database and put your database connection details into your WP-Config file.


    If you have set up a database and have those details you can either put it in running the WordPress install when prompted for the info or it can be entered into the WP-Config manually.

    Thanks numeeja
    I’m further on, with your help. My next stumbling block is that when I type the line
    to begin the whole configuration process, my browser asks if I want to download it or open it up. If I do click ‘Open’ it pops it up in Dreamweaver ready to edit.
    Anyone reached this point themselves and got past it? AHGR.
    Feels like I’m close but no cigar …

    Moderator cubecolour


    That sounds like your server isn’t processing php – best to contact PusNet support for and tell them that – they’ll be able to enable php to fix it for you.

    I very strongly reccomend you change your database password and update it in WP-config.php once php is installed & working as your php files are being served as text files so anyone can download & read your db connection details the wp-config.php which is potentially a security risk.

    OK bub – Cheetos and beer all round while I wait, listening to the cheesy hold music on PlusNet and waiting for a reply … nom nom nom
    Take care

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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