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Bad experience with OneClick Installer

  • I installed OneClick Installer and used it to upload a new plugin in .zip format. The files uploaded and unzipped to my /plugins/ folder, but didn’t show up in my WP plugin list and the OneClick interface couldn’t delete the files. The ‘Purgatory’ functionality further disabled things, rendering the ‘oneclick’ folder on my server to have permission-related ‘access denied’ issues…even for my host’s technical support when I finally got them involved. Because the tech wasn’t able to access or delete the folder/files on his end either, he had to call a Level 2 tech rep to make the change deeper in the bowels of GoDaddy.com. Finally, after an hour of fighting with it, OneClick Installer was deleted from my server. What a waste. The author says he is currently working on a fix for this issue…which means others have faced the same scenario. As long as this type of instability exists in the OneClick plugin, I feel it shouldn’t even be available. Use caution until something newer than Version 0.9.8 comes out…

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