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    It was not mentioned in the description that an external program (Apache Solr) needs to be installed. Moreover, that program works on Java programming language, not PHP, which is WordPress’s language.

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    First line of description:

    Replace your WordPress or WooCommerce search with Apache Solr. And soon with Elasticsearch !



    So you give a 1 star review because you can not, or will not, read? I think your review itself deserves a 1-star rating.

    It was mentioned in various places that you need to install solr. In fact I placed install instructions in this review section, because I thought that would be what people read, to find any flaws in a plugin. Also there was, and maybe still is, info in the description or the FAQ that you can also use an external service offered be the author, with a free trial, so you don’t have to go through installing solr to test the plugin.

    Moreover, what does the programming language have to do with this? Did you know that java runs on many more machines than php? And is very likely installed on the machine that hosts your wordpress site?

    I have no (financial) interest in this plugin, but I don’t think it’s fair that people post reviews like this, when I see the author putting in a lot of effort adding new features and fixing bugs on a regular basis.

    Btw, you can edit your review if you go to the reviews page of the plugin.

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    I had no idea what Apache Solr is prior to discovering this plugin. The phrase you are citing does not make clear that it is a separate software the user needs to install. I rather ran away with the idea that Apache Solr is some kind of library you are using to build the plugin.
    I believe the description is deceptive for users not familiar with Apache Solr or Elasticsearch, like myself. I can see that it was not on purpose though. So, please make it clear in a noticeable place in the description that extra software needs to be installed and configured on the server, which in turn requires Java programming language, and I will revise my review (there is no way to delete it, as far as I can see).

    Plugin Author wpsolr



    In fact, there is no requirement to install anything. Apache Solr or Elasticsearch is needed indeed, but both can be hosted (there are plenty of Saas or Iaas services for that).

    I’ve added many mentions and documentation to Apache Solr and Elasticsearch (installation and configuration docs), in the readme and on the plugin’s website. I honestly can’t see what I can do more.

    Surprisingly, there is no way to delete a review.
    @anevins, can you please delete my review?

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    @tigo, We don’t delete reviews unless there’s a serious rule broken. If you want to rephrase your review then you should be able to do so here: https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/wpsolr-search-engine/reviews#new-post

    @anevins, I now understand that, my review is irrelevant; I wrote it without fully understanding the plugin. On the other hand I can’t rate the plugin (edit the review) since I didn’t get to use it. So, I’m asking you to delete my review (and I will never write one again).

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