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    I have been trying to reach the makers of Download Monitor to no avail. They make it EXTREMELY hard to get a hold of them and they don’t have a support link or contact email address on wpchill.com. They billed me for $39 – for what I don’t know – and I had to file a case with Paypal but still they won’t respond! I emailed the email address on their Paypal page and they aren’t responding to that either. Obviously they don’t care about customer support. Infuriating!

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    Hi, Melinda,

    I had to do a bit of investigative work to figure out who you are. Even in your dispute message, you only included the message asking for a refund. No data on when the payment was made, your license key, your email address – just more work for us- and outside office hours as well, on a Friday night.

    I find it really unfair that you claim we don’t offer any way for users to contact us. We have the forums here (which you’ve successfully found) as well as our OFFICIAL website, where we have a contact form that goes STRAIGHT to our support inbox – the one we actually monitor every 24-48 hours.

    You’re spinning this out of proportions just to make it sound worse and get attention on your issue. I get it, it was a super frustrating experience for you to send an email reply to an email address you randomly found, not get an answer within 4-6 hours (again, outside of our normal working hours) and then go ahead and “escalate it to a PayPal dispute”.

    I’m happy to report that I have gone ahead and refund your purchase and I sincerely hope you’ll find another, better company to do business with.

    I’m sorry we were such a disappointment for you.

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    Hi Cristian, to let you know the lengths I went to contact you over the course of a week:

    1. I emailed xxxxxxxx@wpchill.com a week ago on 5/13/23 asking for a refund and gave you my paypal email address
    2. I filled out the contact form on wpchill.com asking for a refund
    3. I created a Paypal case also on May 13th (your paypal email address is xxxxxxxxx@machothemes.com)

    I waited a week for you to respond

    Then yesterday Friday I took more steps:

    1. Found your information on the wpchill website (Cristian Raiber) and direct messaged you on Twitter
    2. I did a public message on Twitter asking for a refund
    3. I filled out the contact form again on wpchill.com
    4. Then finally I put a 1 star review on WordPress.org forums

    When I can’t get a hold of a company for a week I have to do it publicly to get their attention 🙁 Considering all the steps I took to get a refund I can’t believe you didn’t get any of my emails or messages over the last week.

    Thank you for the refund,


    Plugin Author Cristian Raiber


    Hi, Melinda,

    thank you for replying here. While it might look like a huge coincidence, I didn’t actually get any of your messages. I just logged into my Twitter account and noticed I had a pending DM request from you. Twitter does not send any notifications for these messages requests, I had to manually go into my Messages, locate the “pending requests” tab, find you, click on Accept before I could even reply. Sigh!

    So many tools, so many headaches.

    The only message I got, earlier this morning, was this w[dot]org review as well as the previous support thread and the PayPal dispute message, to which I’ve replied promptly.

    Sorry you had to jump through so many hoops just to get someone to take a look at this issue.

    I’ll have to think harder as to how we could improve the way clients reach out to us.

    Thank you for taking the time to write everything here, it will help us greatly in improving the way we keep in touch with our customers.

    Have a great weekend ahead!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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