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  • When parts of this plug-in stopped working I went to the support forum. I looked around and read a few questions, and I found the plugin author to be a young brat incapable of admitting he’s ever done anything wrong. His answer to everything is, “My plugin is not broken, a different one is.” That is of course ignoring the fact that that shouldn’t matter.

    Instead of taking his advice and uninstalling every other plugin on my website (most of which are critical), uninstalled the one that was actually broken, his. After installing an alternative, everything is back to normal and working fine.

    Even if this plugin serves your purposes, avoid it like a cancer because at some point it WILL break and you won’t get any support. Instead,you will be asked to uninstall everything. This of course won’t fix anything, as you can see many in his support forums have tried it.

    The author is arrogant and dense, he does not take compatibility into account when developing and has a LONG way to go.

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