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  • Eli


    Even the “Premium” version of this plugin doesn’t do any better than all other free plugins that can detect and delete malware from your site. It is much worse. It won’t even delete infected files, it will ask you for a lot more $$$ for that.

    In fact this does less than the other free ones, their wording makes you believe that by purchasing the “Premium” service they will clean your site, once you do, nothing changes, it will still not clean and redirect you to “Buy Premium”, it turns out the first purchase is just a hook for some useless “Pro” version (But it said I was buying “Premium when I got it, in fact it says “Premium” on the Dashboard”) Thanks the Lord I chose monthly payments and didn’t shell out $200+ at once.

    It won’t even delete infected files ( Which many other free plugins will do, you have to remove the files yourself.

    Additionally, it reported 26 infected files, ALL but ONE were all false positives, those files had been modified by me a long time ago and did not include any harmful code at all, it was just a path to a stats plugin I once had which required adding the path in the files.

    The actual only infected file I already knew as it was also reported by several other true free plugins which I tried before (And actually offered to delete the file if I so desired to do without paying one cent)

    I just wanted to give it a try and see if it detected anything else besides what I already knew, since they claimed to “Detect and clean your website from malware”, Of course they forgot to add “If you pay $$$$$$ for it” on that statement lol, it’s even funny after all.

    This is almost a scam, stay away!

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