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  • I’m having trouble with spam. running wordpress 1.2.1 through webmasters hosting…. followed the instructions for installing them but nothing.. Unzipped, put folder in pluggins folder, etc… but when i go to admin, pluggins they are not there to activate…there are a couple of other pluggins that came with the initial WP install that work fine.. but they are just single files not in any kind of seperate folders… anyone more knowledgable I have any help to offer I”d be greatfull….

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  • I have a feeling that WP 1.2.1 is just a weeeee bit too old for the latest versions of either of those plugins.

    Time to update!

    Thanks a million… I’ll look into updating..

    Probably worthy of a new thread, but since your version is so far back, you’ll probably want to update in a few phases.

    First: Upgrade_1.2_to_1.5

    Then: Upgrading_WordPress

    ok…..I”m up to the newest wordpress…trying to activate askimet antispam pluggin…..can’t find my api key? looked on my profile page, can’t find a welcome email….?

    any clues

    While you were at your plugins page, you probably noticed that “WordPress API Key” is a link there in the description for the Akismet plugin.

    Clicking it gets you to:

    Yes, you’re signing up for a WP.COM account. No you don’t need to use it, you just need to log into it and snag the key. Or wait for the email to show up.


    Thanks for all the help…Hopefully this’ll take care of all that spam driving my wife crazy on her blog.


    Akismet will be a huge help. Bad Behavior works very well with it too.

    Add in Spam Karma2, and you’ve got a winning combination.

    [Ah. Don’t mind me – apparently today is space cadet day….]

    [offtopic]Space Cadet Day?[/offtopic]

    I have written an anti-spam plugin that targets the POST request of those spambots.

    Remember this: wp-comments-post.php is the relevant script where the comments form will be send to. So the spammer feeds his bot with informations on which server WP is installed and the bot tries to send-out his spam to that script.

    You can find my plugin here:


    Heh – yeah, Quix0r, I was forgetting the whole thread was already ABOUT spam karma…. so my statement was seriously out there!

    I’m grabbing your plugin, looks interesting, thanks!

    Sure. 🙂 Feel free to do so. If you encounter any problems which hadn’t before you install my plugin please report them on my blog.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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