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  • In 7 days since installing BB, it has “blocked 49 access attempts”. In that time, about 75-80 spams have been caught by Akismet. From reading posts here, I expected BB to stop more before they got to Akismet. Does this seem correct?

    Also, is there a way to see exactly what BB is blocking? I used phpMyAdmin to look, but could not see any logs files or anything displayed in a way that would allow me to make sure BB was only stopping spam.

    One person said they tried to comment and the comment did not post. It was not in Akismet, so I thought it might be in BB? Since I only get a couple comments per week, I want to make sure all is working correctly.


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  • I am having a real hard time coming to grips with Bad Behavior stopping comments before they arrive and not being able to see what is blocked. I tried verbose mode, but I still don’t see any way either in the options panel or in phpMyAdmin to check what BB has blocked.

    Does anyone know how to do this?

    If I can’t occasionally check what is blocked, then probably BB is not for a worrier like me!

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