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  • I’ve searched through the forums and on the bad behavior site and haven’t seen any clear indication of whether a) it works with v3 multisite and b) where to install the plugin on a multisite installation.

    I’m hoping that someone here can provide some insight.

    Thanks in advance…


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  • In the bad-bahavior folder, locate In that file you can customize the antispam replace rather easily. I have to agree that the average person would not realize the correct email address, but the author should just implement a captcha for the blockpage or a contact form because legitimate users that see that page are very few and the ones that email are even fewer.

    Thanks, MrBrian, you’re a life saver 😉

    I hope you will share your code with BB developers, so every MU user would be blessed 🙂

    MrBrian, could you post another link to the wpmu version of the bad behavior plugin?

    Sorry, it took someone to hound me via email to notice that the file wasn’t available anymore, as i haven’t been very active on the forums lately. I’ve re-uploaded it and it’s still working and latest version.

    Wow, what a long discussion and nobody bothered to let me know. Thanks a lot.

    I’m adding all of the above to my to-do list, now that I actually know about it.

    Next time somebody might actually want to contact the Bad Behavior author.

    Andrea Rennick


    Customer Care at Copyblogger Media and Studiopress

    Well, the thread *is* tagged. And tags have rss feeds.


    I see there have been a few updates on your plugin. did you manage to build-in support for multisite installations as MrBrian did here with his mod?

    I’m using it right now and it works fine.

    @ipstenu: what works fine? The original or MrBrians mod?

    If you are talking about MrBrians mod, that is beside the point I know it works.

    If you are talking about the original what does “it works fine mean”? Does it mean that MrBrian’s changes have been implemented or not? That was my question.

    Andrea Rennick


    Customer Care at Copyblogger Media and Studiopress

    I’m not sure she knows if MrBrian’s changes were implemented or not. the trac for the plugin woudl be the place to look. (development log on the plugin page).

    She means she’s using it as-is and it’s working as expected on her install.

    seeing that MrBrian made some important changes: and error saying that “I’m adding all of the above to my to-do list, now that I actually know about it.” I was asking if the current update of his plugin incorporated these changes.

    So no reason to tell me that its working fine, is there? Seeing that this answer doesn’t answer my question at all, why answer at all?

    Besides that I can’t see a change log on the plugin’S page that is the reason I asked: and the official page doesn’t say much about the changes:

    Andrea Rennick


    Customer Care at Copyblogger Media and Studiopress

    right side, blue box, this link:

    ah, now that is a useful answer, thanks Andrea.

    As Andrea said, I’m using it out of the box, no problems.

    BUT. Your best bet is to ping the dev directly, NOT in the forums, but via his site. He’s quite responsive that way.

    @ipstenu: please don’t take this personal, you know I have thanked you for your advice a couple of times but this was not a question about it working or not rather about the newest version incorporating MrBrian’s changes as outlined above:

    Unfortunately, it has to go in the plugins folder and be activated network wide. It’s not really optimized for multiuser because it creates an SQL table for every blog and stores it’s options per blog – you would have go into each individual blog’s dashboard to see whats been blocked or change the options making it impossible to use the blacklist api feature.

    That’s why I created a modified version for WPMU – it’s working great for my blog network. You can put this one in mu-plugins and manage options/logs network wide instead of per blog. Thought I might as well share it.

Viewing 15 replies - 16 through 30 (of 42 total)
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