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  • I’m trying to install Bad Behavior, the anti-spam plugin, & the author’s instructions are great for programmers, but I’m having trouble following them. Here’s the part I can’t figure out:

    edit the bad-behavior/bad-behavior-wordpress.php file and customize the configuration variables there.

    Can someone tell me what I should insert in this code & where I should insert it? How do I discover the name of my datasbase table?

    // Email address to contact you in case of problems
    // This will be shown to users on the error page, which means it will
    // be exposed to spammers! Bad Behavior will munge it automatically; you
    // should NOT munge it here!
    $wp_bb_email = get_bloginfo(‘admin_email’);
    //$wp_bb_email = “”;

    // The database table name to use.
    // You can customize the table name if necessary.
    define(‘WP_BB_LOG’, $table_prefix . ‘bad_behavior_log’);

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  • skippy



    You shouldn’t need to edit the database table line: it will automagically determine what you’re using, and do the right thing.

    The only thing you need to adjust, if you want, are the email address ($wp_bb_email) and the log duration. I lowered mine from 7 to 3 days.

    Look at the configuration part of the php file.
    You can change the settings there, True/False, the time limit to keep logs and the email address, but you don’t have to change the table name, you can leave it as it is.

    update: what skippy said 🙂

    OK, so now my only issue is where do you tell it what your e mail address is? Or do you have to? Sorry if I appear doltish, but I’m somewhat new to WP & plugins esp. one’s for which you need to get your hands dirty in changing settings.

    I have it activated in my plugins list, but I don’t see any other reference to it in my admin panel. Should there be? If not, how do I know it’s working?




    Without modification, Bad Behavior will use the email address of the blog admin.

    If you set your blog admin user’s email address properly, you’re all done.

    If, for some reason, you want to use a different email address, edit bad-behavior-wordpress.php, from this:
    $wp_bb_email = get_bloginfo('admin_email');
    to this:
    $wp_bb_email = '';
    Replace with the email address you want to use.




    How will you know it’s working? You’ll get far less spam in your comments and moderation queue. There’s an optional add-on log viewer available. I believe it’s linked from the BB download location.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    The other way to test it is do what I did – I mistakenly deactivated it overnight. I got hit with over 200 spams.

    It just works 🙂

    You might also consider downloading the Stats plugin for Bad Behaviour if you are interested in displaying how many attempts this wonderful little gem actually stops on your behalf.

    I installed Bad Behaviour less than a week ago, and already It’s blocked over 2500 attempts. I threw the stats plugin on top – no problems.

    “Howl @ The Moon!”

    Skippy: OK, that’s easy. I think I’ve set my admin e mail properly within the admin panel so I’m done! Wow, thanks everyone.

    Do you ever find you get any false positives w. Bad Behavior where it dumps a real person’s comment?

    Another ? since you’re all so knowledgeable. My blog deals w. politics & attracts a good amt. of hate comments. Is there any plugin that automates banning someone or do you alwasy have to manually enter e mail, uri & ip info by going to the blacklist box?




    I just installed BB last night, so I can’t share any meaningful stats of bots versus humans. From my conversations with io_error (the developer), and other BB users, I think it’s safe to say that false positives should be very very few and far between, if at all.
    (As with any software though, any number of weird circumstances might trigger a false positive… There are no guarantees)

    I’m not aware of any auto-blacklist utilities.

    I’ve used Bad Behaviour for some time and I don’t know of a single false positive. Like Podz said, it just works 🙂

    “It just works.”

    I’m all for that!

    “It just works” was what I was going for. 🙂

    If you use Bad Behavior Stats, you will need to update your Bad Behavior Stats plugin to work with the latest version Bad Behavior, 1.1.2. I have been in contact with the author to let him know of the issue, and hopefully he should have a fixed version of his plugin out shortly.

    Will have fix out within 24 hours.

    Please read for updates on the Bad Behavior Stats plugin

    Sorry for any inconvenience.

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