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  • Just wondering. I have used Bad Behavior for years and I always upgrade as soon as I see there is a new version. In the last month, month and a half or so, I notice Bad Behavior letting pass quite a lot of spam (good that I have Akismet to catch that, but in the past my spamfilter had almost nothing to do) which is one thing, but I recently started to get referrer spam which has never been a problem. Do spammers develop quicker than Bad Behavior or something?
    And while I’m at it, I have a subscribe to comments plugin. It seems that the only subscribers are spam bots (without leaving comments, or thesee are caught beforehand) which I would have liked to have been kept away too. This is something that Bad Behavior should take care of too?

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  • I’ve noticed a big uptick in spam getting through to Akismet (30-40 “enhancement” spam a day). I’m curious what happened too.

    simple… the spam volume is through the roof. I’ve noticed this on all my logs for virtually every site I run and all the email servers as well. If I were to guess it is new or revived botnet activity. A good deal of it is coming from India right now. I had to lock out from one of my sites because I was getting so much spam related traffic from them. Anyhow, try putting some filters into htaccess and you will see a decrease – it is more reactive than proactive, but it at least helps some.

    I am also receiving spam traffic , because of which i got my database lock from host company, how to avoid this ,

    @datapharmer what should be put in .htaccess file ?

    Much of the new spam I am seeing is being manually posted by actual humans. Bad Behavior does not target requests made by humans, only automated requests.

    Bad Behavior users really should subscribe at the Bad Behavior web site to get updates and faster support.

    There have been several updates of Bad Behavior since I posted this and I must say that the spam has gone done to just a few per week on each WP installation. I guess the plugin authors are aware of the developments and try to keep up…
    I would still like to have a sollution for the bogus subscribers, but this is not a very big problem either.

    I use the BB plugin on my blog and ever since its use it has managed to keep most of the spam away. Akismet does the rest for me. If things turn as ugly for me as some of the users here, then I will have to check out wp spam free (I have heard that it is the “ultimate” solution for all types of spam)

    @datapharmer, would you mind elaborating on how you used the .htaccess file to block spam from India? I am sure India is not the only country where the bulk of spam is coming from (there is China, Turkey and Russia to consider too), but I would love to try out your method and see.

    @marthasp6s: WP Spam Free works pretty well against bot-posted spam, as it requires JavaScript to be enabled, what bots don’t have. But it cannot block human-posted spam, as the person posting is most likely using a JavaScript-enabled browser herself. So, no ultimate solution, but almost there. I like it a lot and install it, together with Bad Behavior, on all blogs I have access to.

    The problem with the massive volume of spam I’m seeing these days is that the spam software has been implemented as an Internet Explorer BHO (plugin). This makes it almost impossible to detect and prevent beforehand.

    That said, I’m working on a strategy for Bad Behavior to catch and block these (there IS a pattern I can use) but since it requires some major changes to the platform it will be going into my 2.1 development cycle. Stay tuned at the Bad Behavior web site.

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