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  • You can take this review with a grain of salt, since there are many users that are happy with the Bad Behavior plugin, but I personally won’t use it again. If what had happened to me happened when I had more content on my blog, I would have been HIGHLY upset! As it turned out, it was a minor hassle to re-set everything, but no lasting harm done.

    Specifically, today when I tried to log in to the admin panel, I was blocked by Bad Behavior. For some reason, it marked my IP address as an offending spammer. When I tried to resolve it, I couldn’t get into my MySQL server to fix it. Using my FTP program to remove the files didn’t help, either, and consulting the Bad Behavior creator’s website yielded a forum with a LOT of complaints citing the same problem. The solution noted on the website was of no help.

    Therefore, I essentially lost my entire WordPress blog. To solve the situation, I reinstalled the entire site and reloaded all of my settings.

    If I had to do this when I had more content on my site, I would have been devastated! Therefore, even though there are no guarantees on ANY plugin for WordPress blogs, in my opinion you would use “Bad Behavior” at the risk of being forever locked out of your own blog.

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  • Most hosts provide a dedicated url that is intended for accessing your mysql database — accessed properly that URL is not affected by Bad Behaviour’s settings, and/or your IP being blocked, since it (said url) is NOT part of WordPress.

    Your site, at least the one in your profile, is hosted on a godaddy box, and I can tell you from personal experience, that godaddy has a set up similar to what I described above. If you obtained hosting from a reseller, than you ought to have contacted them for that info.

    Just for future ref. and should anyone else read this thread.

    I have similar problem, maybe that’s because my plugin is very slightly outdated (2.0.9). I also noticed nobody can post any comment on my blog upon activating Bad Behavior. IMO, if you’re using Akismet you pretty much don’t need Bad Behavior to stay spam free.

    I used to be a great fan of Bad Behavior but I guess the approach it’s taking is too proactive and there are just way too many false positive to the point that even a blog author can be locked out of the login page. That’s certainly a big no no. Even captcha will perform better (despite slight hassle to users) than not allowing blog users to post any comment when it comes up as false positive.

    A little search would have shown you that you have to upgrade to BB 2.0.11:

    Also, regarding this:

    Using my FTP program to remove the files didn’t help, either

    That’s not possible. If you delete it, then it cannot possibly do anything. In fact, WordPress will consider it deactivated at that point.

    Deleting a plugin will always work, unless you forget to remove some part of it.

    The original poster should also avoid blaming Bad Behavior for her own mistakes.

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