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  • I have been experiencing this issue over the last couple months where BackWPup is reseting the next run to December 31, 1969 at 7:00 pm by WP-Cron.

    I have tried to reset the schedule and it seems to work for a few days and then does this again. The biggest problem is that there is no warning or email that the schedule has changed and that it is no longer backing up.

    The only fix that I have found is making a copy of the job or creating a new job, but again that only last a couple hours to day and it happens again.

    This mainly happens only on my hourly back schedule vs. my daily schedule backup job.

    Any thoughts?


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  • winstonford


    Exact same problem.



    Did either of you ever find a fix for this? Same issue.



    Nope. Just ran mine manually, and it is scheduled to run again.. never: December 31, 1969 7:00 pm

    There are 4 ways to run backups:
    1. manually only
    2. with WordPress cron [currently set, works sometimes.]
    3. with a link: /wp-cron.php?_nonce=674f3cc1&backwpup_run=runext&jobid=1
    [tried with cron, unsuccessful]
    4. Use WP-CLI to run jobs from commandline or get the start script.
    [tried with cron, unsuccessful]

    Any tips appreciated.




    Same here, every run, regardless of the trigger being manual or not, it resets to 1969. Mine has never run on schedule in fact. Closest I have come to identifying the issues is that understand what the date means. Here is a basic example of the issue in generic PHP terms:

    But how that relates here I am not sure yet.



    No I never figured it out. Must be a bug. The only thing that I found changed how soon it defaulted to 1969 was by changing the archive format from PCL to zip etc. But that is only temporary at best.

    If anyone finds out a fix please let the thread know.



    Yeah, mine is actually set as: Tar GZip. Frustrating. Gonna have to find an alternative I guess.

    I think I found the answer.. but its a little blurry:

    Anyone have access? I would not mind paying for this service at all… if it works.

    I posted at pre-sales on marketpress and have not gotten a reply..

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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