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  • The blog I work on uses BackWPup plugin to back up files. On 19/3/2011 I noticed an error message: 161 WARNING(S). They looked like this:

    [Warning] File name too Long to save corectly in TAR Backup Archive: (URL)

    They look like image files but I can’t be sure.

    This happened again on 20/3/2011 and now all the the images have disappeared from the sidebars, pages and the header of the site.

    Can anyone help me to get these back quickly? I have no clue why this has happened nor how to fix it. Do we need to hire someone to fix it? Contact the site host? Any help would be gratefully received.


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  • use zip and not tar.

    I must crrect a problem with (u)tar files thre is a max off 255 char for path and file name and i must spilit it on a /.

    The files will be savet but the path can’t be correct.

    Many thanks for your response, Daniel. Is this something I can do myself? I’m technically challenged when it comes to this side of site management. Do I have to change the file paths manually? I mean, change the URLS?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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