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  • Yes – I thought that backWPup used to show the results of the previous couple of backups on the main WP dashboard ?

    If this is the case, mine has recently disappeared. I’ve been through the SETTINGS tabs, and don’t see an option. Also, the WP-Dashboard ‘Screen Options’ dropdown doesn’t show a checkbox for this either.

    A quick google brought me here, but seeing as there don’t seem to be many people asking about this, maybe it is now a deprecated feature ? (Or perhaps I’m getting confused and it was a different plugin altogether !)

    Anyway, seeing all the other (more important) questions in this SUPPORT forum I doubt we’ll get an answer to this, but a messsage to the devs if they pop in here : keep up the good work on the plugin – it’s great for me ! 🙂

    Hello if you refer to the log files created after a backup. I have checked and if you click on the top admin bar under BackWPup you will see logs. You can also view the logs from the side menu also under BackWPup. I hope this helps you.

    Kind regards

    The logs are not in the main wordpress dashboard, like previous backwpup releases.

    yes, they are available under some other new menu tab, a couple of clicks further, which is annoying.

    Sure, developers will fix this in a while. Right now they have other more important bug fixes to do, concerning the latest release.

    advice to Daniel:
    next major backwpup release, make a beta tests available.

    Phew ! I’m not going crazy then !

    Yes – it was a very useful feature – just login to WP dashboard, and there were the results, simply : OK or NOT OK – as clear as day for anyone to easily check.

    Having the same issue had to physically check to see if a backup was created.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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