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  • Resolved Independence_Day



    Add new job: The information contained in “Archive name” of “Backup File Creation” tab “General” changes with each record.


    Archive name : backwpup_f8d98mbcy_%Y-%m-%d_%H-%i-%s
    Note: In order for backup file tracking to work, the archive name must begin with backwpup_2j8dg3derm_.

    After “Save changes”

    Archive name : backwpup_wdq1dce0y_%Y-%m-%d_%H-%i-%s
    Note: In order for backup file tracking to work, the archive name must begin with backwpup_19mrqdq1vm_.

    After “Save changes”

    Archive name : backwpup_zhywo1af6_%Y-%m-%d_%H-%i-%s
    Note: In order for backup file tracking to work, the archive name must begin with backwpup_27jg6qbzlu_.

    And so on…

    After downgrade to version 3.4.1, everything becomes normal again.

    I encountered the problem with ten websites and three different hosts.



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  • Plugin Author Brandon Olivares


    Thanks. It shouldn’t need to be tested. Plus the new release should be out tomorrow.

    Hello Brandon,

    “Why make it simple when you can make it complicated”: this is what is said in France when an “improvement” complicates the task of the users.

    But then, I finally understood. It’s for the good cause: for safety reasons.

    Successive changes to the code have had enormous repercussions for some of your users. We are at least 3 …

    The last solution seems to me the right one.

    The Wordfence Security plugin uses the same principle to “customize” the name of certain sensitive files. The “hash” at the end of the name!

    And after no change! Promised?

    Best regards,


    Plugin Author Brandon Olivares


    Hey @independence_day,

    Haha, I totally get the frustration. But I’m glad you understand the reason for the solution, and that it’s acceptable for you.

    Yep, we’ll leave well enough alone after this fix is implemented. 🙂

    Since this seems to be resolved, I’m going to mark it as such. 🙂



    Hi Brandon,

    Just a question, with this new naming, will the plugin still be able to track and erase the “old” backup files or are we going to have to delete them manually?

    Best regards,


    Plugin Author Brandon Olivares


    Hi @alizesonline,

    I’ve tested the fix with all old naming conventions from 3.4.0 and after and all work fine.

    I did have to make a few changes today, so feel free to download again and test:

    But for me old archives are being deleted just fine.

    Also we’ve change the archive name preview to still show the %hash% so there’s no confusion. It will just generate the proper hash at the time of backup.

    Let us know if that works for you.

    We plan on releasing tomorrow if all goes well.

Viewing 5 replies - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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