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  • Schlappgosch


    Hi there,

    I’ve instructed backwpup to save daily on a specific ftp directory, which I named ftp/backups. Moreover, I instructed backwpup to allow 20 backups. After the limit of 20 was reached, backwpup startet to generate a warning followed by an error message into the report file.

    The warnings/weeors looked like this:
    – WARNUNG: ftp_delete() [function.ftp-delete]: <>: No such file or directory
    – Fehler: Kann “<>” auf dem FTP-Server nicht löschen!

    Obviously, after the limit of twenty files is reached, backwpup tries to locate the file for subsequent deletion and fails.

    I set the directory’s permissions (ftp/backups) to 777 and applied this setting later to all files contained in the directory. The behavior wouldn’t change. However, it bears some logic, that if backup was not able to locate the file, it was also not able to delete it.

    Has anybody observed the dame or similar behavior?

    kind regards

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  • Schlappgosch


    After my comment above was filed, five days later an overhauled version of BackWPup, version 3.0.5 has arrived – thanks for your effort, Daniel.

    However, the version did not solve the problem – I observed the same behavior. In fact, it is worse, becauese now the files that shall be deleted are computed in a wrong way, i.e., not the oldest files are named but the youngest. Strange, there must have gone soemethin badly wrong. Anyone has similar issues?



    Hi Schlappgosch,

    please take a look here about name schemes:

    For other than that we’re investigating.

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