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    BackWPup Free 3.0.14 Beta has been released for testing purposes and can be downloaded via our public GitHub repository.

    3.0.14 Beta includes a large number improvements and bug fixes. We’ve done a general performance overhaul including solutions to prevent timeouts during uploads and while generating archives.

    Please test 3.0.14 Beta in a test environment only and report any issues via the GitHub issue tracker.

    Posting Issues at GitHub

    Before you post an issue, please evaluate if any unexpected behavior could be related to other plugins (on/off test). If so, please indicate it in your issue description.

    When you post an issue, please make sure to include

    • WordPress version
    • Server (Apache, Windows…)
    • PHP and MySQL version

    We kindly ask you not to use the issue tracker at GitHub for support questions. In order to make BackWPup Free what we want it to be for you, we need to focus on pushing this release to a stable version. Therefore, we won’t reply to support questions appearing at GitHub.


    If you already have translated a prior version of BackWPup: thank you so much, we really appreciate your contribution, you have done a tremendous job! Now would be a good time to keep your engagement going.
    If BackWPup has not been translated into your language so far and you feel like giving it a go, please drop us a line via info at inpsyde dot com.


    We’re aware of the fact that our support in this forum could and should be much better from a user perspective. From our own perspective as a small business, providing free support for a free, yet rather complex plugin like BackWPup could and would break our neck economically in pretty much no time. When you judge our performance regarding free support, please take into consideration we’ve already done something for you and work hard to provide a better experience with every new iteration of our plugin.

    Thanks for using BackWPup Free!

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  • Still wakting for 3.6 or 3.7 support. Does no longer work.

    No. I updated to 3.7 and BackWup does no longer work. No backup is running without errors anymore. You know that 3.7 made updates to the database right?



    Not sure if I’m understanding correctly. Are you saying 3.0.14 Beta doesn’t work with WP 3.7?

    No, I am using the 3.0.13 version, because I do not want to use BETA for live websites. BackWPup finally crashed my whole site today! I did not do anything, but I guess this… “database cleaner” function or whatever just messed up my database. The website was no longer reachable… thank you.

    I now (after hours) was able to fix the problem with other backups and much manual work.

    But I cannot recommend this plugin to anyone who is running a serious website.

    Hello @mdidesign, even though it is a beta version it is almost the same as all the other versions released when they upgraded the plugin from 2.1.17 to 3.0.xx. Look at how many version have been released after 3.0.xx? All the version are updates to improve the performance and stability of the plugin based on the reports submitted by the users. So testing this beta version could be beneficial to you. Of course it is up to you to decide.

    If you decide to install version 3.0.14 please create a backup before you upgrade just in case. You might want to install version 2.1.17 (Not tested with WordPress 3.7.1) to create the backup and then upgrade to the latest Beta version 3.0.14 to test.

    Kind regards

    Plugin Author Daniel Hüsken


    We will remove the Database optimization (SQL Querys) it can causes problems if tables defect or lock tables (no site acsses at this time). I think wie will add other Database optimizations in future.

    I set Maximum script execution time to 50 and still I get an Error after 372 seconds saying “WARNING: Job restart due to inactivity for more than 5 minutes.”. It says the job has been successfully finished, still I don’t see any files on the dropbox and the log doesn’t show the file-size of the “created” zip.

    Any ideas? I am on WP 3.7 with PHP 5.3

    Plugin Author Daniel Hüsken


    @tschoepler: can you send me a log file to d dot huesken at inpsyde dot com




    has there been any solution to the problem so far?
    The question is regarding this post and the possibility for this beta version to solve the problem:




    @vanesa Timeout issues have been a major focus for 3.0.14, so yes, 3.0.14-beta should be able to fix that issue. You might want to activate Restart on every main step in Settings > Jobs.

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