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  • Same here.

    But, i’ve update to the lates version and the plugin works properly with my blog.

    same problem here

    Plugin Author Daniel Hüsken


    No that has nothing to do with the Password reset!

    Some people have trubele with my plugin and wordpress has removed it so long a bug fix will provieded. the bugfix is the 1.7.5 version and i hope wordpress Team will activate the plugin again in the next time.

    I will look to make a download on my host in the next houers….

    Great to read that Daniel. I hope your plugin is back soon. It’s the best tool for backup I’ve ever seen. I hope you keep improving it in the future. If you keep doing that great job with it, soon it will be the number 1!!

    I also have one idea suggestion that came to my mind today: Is possible to add Google Docs as a cloud file storage? Now I use Dropbox with your plugin, but I have a very limited space with it (2GB). But I’m paying 5$ a year for 20GB for Google services (Picasa and Gmail and Docs), and today I thought it would be great to use it for backups, and maybe it’s less buggy than Dropbox… What do you think about it?

    Thank you and congratulations again for your great plugin!!

    Plugin Author Daniel Hüsken


    Google Docs: i must look log time u must have a special Google account to upload every file but i will look i have the same….

    I find it interesting that Worpress removes some plugins that are reported to cause trouble. Here it worked fine, while I had loads of trouble with other plugins. Would be interesting to hear what are the objective criteria why some are removed and others may stay.
    Also, I think that WordPress should not just make the pages of these plugins “non-existent”. This is not a good way of dealing with problems. If there is a valid reason to remove a plugin, users should certainly know about it for that very same reason. WP could disable the download button and post an alert. Or they could even keep the links to the previous versions.

    I assume that one or two users blamed the plugin author at the staff and removed his plugin without going into detail.

    I had the plugin running on a lot of projects on different hosting platforms since version 1.3 or so and it JUST WORKS!

    I really cannot understand what the staff is doing here.

    Daniel does his best to deliver fixes, support and also developed a version 2.0 from the ground up currently beta testing. behaviour is not helpful for the whole community.

    It’s not the first time fails in removing things so quickly and not seeing the whole picture.


    Just experienced that the downloads are there only the plugin page is (temporarily?) removed.

    Just click the full download paths:

    Version 1.7.6:

    archive Version 1.7.5:

    hope this helps – dave 🙂

    thanks, dave!
    I have already downloaded the version from the author’s website:

    OK, I see now you already point to 1.7.6. thanks

    Yeah, i agree with almarma. I hope your plugins back Dave !

    Downloaded the latest version now !

    Issues with plugins are sent to, where someone actually goes through the business of reviewing the plugin for issues. If a VALID issue is found (like a security hole etc), then the plugin is removed. The plugin review folks are understaffed, and I know it’s taking longer than people would like 🙁 They SHOULD be in contact with Daniel, and if not, he should email for an update.

    Also for me i working well, thanks Dave!

    Plugin Author Daniel Hüsken


    The Plugin is Back now on the WordPress Directory, thanks Mark.

    Firstly I love this plugin and have reviewed it myself (

    Is it possible for WP Support to reveal what the supposed issues were?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)
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