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    I have been using the BackUpWordPress plugin on our WordPress site successfully for some time before migrating to GoDaddy this week.

    I followed the WordPress migration instructions and everything else seems to be working fine, with the exception of this plugin.

    I am presented with this error/instruction in WordPress Admin:

    BackUpWordPress is almost ready. The backups directory can’t be created because your wp-content directory isn’t writable, run chown test3501:inetuser /home/goingove/public_html/wp-content/uploads or chmod 777 /home/goingove/public_html/wp-content/uploads or create the folder yourself.

    I have changed the permissions to wp_content/uploads via Filezilla but it has made no difference.

    I have deactivated/reactivated the plugin and deleted/re-installed it, neither of which makes any difference.

    I have asked GoDaddy support to help with this but they said they don’t support third party applications.

    I have posted the problem on WordPress Forum, who said to set the chmods to 777 for the wp_content/uploads directory. and that it is only a folder permission problem. no big deal 🙂

    I have checked the permissions and they are set to 777 as recommended. I even deleted the uploads folder and recreated it.

    Any ideas?

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  • stubbs123


    Human Made

    There are a few ways to solve this issue, you can firstly delete

    hmbkp_path and hmbkp_default_path

    delete these from your wp_options table.

    You can also uninstall the plugin by deactivating it, and then clicking uninstall button from the plugins page.

    I have this problem, too. Where is the wp-options table? I don’t have a folder with that name.

    Plugin Author Tom Willmot


    Hey bagof,

    wp_options is a database table, not a folder. You’ll need to connect to the database via phpmyadmin and delete the hmbkp_path and hmbkp_default_path rows.

    Plugin Author Tom Willmot


    This edge case has now been fixed in version 2.3

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