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  • I have two websites that don’t seem to work with BackUpWordPress. I have them set to back up both files and database, but they spin endlessly and never create a backup. I just changed the settings to database only, and that worked. What should I do to fix the issue? Thank you, Erin

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  • I’m having this problem on some sites too — sometimes, but not always. Like the OP, ‘database’ backups are fine, but ‘complete’ backups don’t complete. When I looked directly in the directory, the new zip file was there, and about the right size, so I guessed it had completed, but was not resetting. If I click ‘cancel’ in the back-end UI, it deletes both the .backup-xxxxxxxxx-running flag file and the backup, so that’s no good. If I go into the directory and only delete the flag file, then the spinning in the UI stops, and the new backup does appear in the list. I downloaded it – it unzipped fine, so appears to have completed OK.

    So it looks like BUW is creating the backup, but failing to delete its flag file, so it doesn’t know it has finished, and it therefore never appears in the list in the UI.

    @wwwolf Cool thanks, i’ll try that. I have the same problem. This is what that file shows:

    {"filename":"","started":1499246009,"status":"Backing up database..."}

    Plugin Author katmoody


    I’m sorry I’ve missed this post 🙁

    This has actually been showing up in a couple other tickets and I’ve been trying to see if we can pin down why that file isn’t being deleted.

    If we can connect with any of you to perhaps do a bit more in-depth troubleshooting that would be great. You can reach out to us at or connect through the support module on your site by clicking to “Enable Support”. Just link to this forum topic so I know the history a bit, and then we can work on getting some details so we can log in and troubleshoot on this a bit more.

    Thanks so much and I’m sorry for the frustration!!!


    I’ve been having this problem for one of my client’s sites too.

    In my case the issue started at the same time the host migrated to new servers and few other things on the website also broke at that time too, so I’d originally attributed the problem to that. Seems I’m not the only one having this problem. For me it started around February. The affected website’s hosted on TMD. The other websites that so far don’t seem to be having this issue are not hosted there.

    @wwwolf – Thanks for this workaround, I’ll try it out.

    Everything wwwolf said is true and it’s happening to me right now. So frustrating!
    Basically you have to manually delete the “running flag” or the wheel will spin FOREVER and never submit the backup zip.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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