• I installed BackupBuddy from iThemes, and when I tried to run a backup, I got:

    Warning #9038: Connected to server but unexpected output: Access Denied, IP Logged. Code: 403 Forbidden Forbidden.

    Does this have anything to do with Ninjafirewall? If so, is there a setting that I can use to enable BackupBuddy? I am able to use UpdraftPlus ok, but I would like to use BB because it has a few more features.

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    Access Denied, IP Logged is not a NinjaFirewall default message. But you may have changed it from the “Firewall Options > Blocked user message” menu?
    If you did, can you check and paste here the firewall log line that blocked the request, that will tell us why it was rejected?

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    Thank you for your reply.

    A bit of searching turned up several folks who use both BB and NF, so I concluded that NF was unlikely to be the problem. I disabled some other plugins, and was able to get BB to work. However I’m now having other difficulties with BB, which I am investigation with iThemes.

    Sorry to bother you!

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