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  • I have recently installed the Backupbuddy plugin on a domain that originally had an Aweber form plugin on it. I got this error message when I installed Backupbuddy: “Sorry, AWeber Web Forms requires PHP 5.2 or higher. Please deactivate AWeber Web Forms.”

    Checking with the hosting company they assured me that the server the domain is presently hosted on has PHP 5.2.17 installed on it. So after checking with Aweber I decided to delete the Aweber plugin and refresh the site minus the Backupbuddy plugin as well.

    I then re-installed the Backupbuddy plugin and then got this error message: “Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.”

    Checking with Backupbuddy support they came back to say that the problem might be some files missing from the ftp process. On double checking all the files had been correctly uploaded to the plugins folder.

    Backupbuddy support also said: “The message that you are getting is from WordPress core and indicates that whilst attempting to activate BackupBuddy PHP has detected an error condition and as such WordPress should show that error information to you even if it is not shown then it should be in the PHP error log file – these are functionalities of WordPress and PHP rather than BackupBuddy.”

    There is no error message in the PHP error logs and the hosting confirmed that their PHP application is functioning correctly.

    I have tried everything I know to try resolve this error message because I am about to migrate the domain onto a new server and having used Backupbuddy successfully before that was the option I was going to use.

    Any advice on how to resolve this error message would be appreciated.



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  • Hi Jim,

    Edit the “wp-config.php” file to add this option:

    define('WP_DEBUG', true);

    More information can be found at: Debugging in WordPress

    Then run through the same steps to re-create the problem.

    This will at least allow you to identify the offending file that is generating the error.
    Then you have proof to take to the appropriate support team, instead of being told it is someone else’s problem.

    Kind regards,

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